Sustainable and Resilient Agri-Technology Systems

XNetBIZ offers Research based intelligent AgTech CropY and innovative iDClouds platform for farmers, agribusiness, government and private institutions to help improve the sustainability and transform the industry.

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Research & Development

AgriGenerative AI

The solution cross-calibrates data modules for simulating AgriGenerative Crop Stages. These multi-stage verified data points are referenced with forcasting of Crop Life Cycle. The data points include actual, referenced and historical data items, which formulates Data Clouds for input to Gradient Boosting Decision Trees based AgriGenerative AI (AgGAI) processing engine. AgGAI generates Convective Yield references for Location Intelligence data Visualization and Processing.

Patents & Trademarks

The AgTechnology, digital research landscape is increasingly complex, comparative, and constantly growing, it’s challenging than ever for researchers, founders and leaders to know where to focus to make the greatest impact. The advancements in AI/ML, IoT and Advance Remote Sensing based technology implementaion has evolved considerably. The goal of our research is to identify the best AgTech Solutions that increase value to agriculture growers, processors and end-users, to maximize the results of limited research time. It is not merely an inconvenience or short-term challenge for farmers to increase Yield Potential. This is the largest threat to production agriculture that we have ever seen. We understands short-lived technology that costs farmers a lot of money, eventually without benefiting from the technology and then forces them to consider business continuity that technology was supposed to replace.

Location Intelligence

AgGAI processes more than 150 data feeds and multiple GeoLocation Data (for all agro-climatic zones) from various service providers. The Location Intelligence framework is based on Double Differencing References and Standerdized Routines. Mainly with proprietory data, it uses geolocations, Convective Yield References, Land & Water Masks with Daily Crop Reference Data(DCRD). Primary Location Intelligence is used to superimpose various data layers and estimations.


Rooted intelligence!

AgTech Decision-Making System with AgriGenerative AI & Location Intelligence!

Helps to Simulate, Predict and Increase Crop Yield!
CropY processes more than 150 data feeds to create AgriGenerative-Patterns and Trait-Families using Location Intelligence based Crop Models for generating stage-wise Yield Predictions and Recommendations throughout Crop Life Cycle!


CropY-2.0-beta1 is Smart AI Powered Solution to Simulate, Predict, Stage-wise Cotton Yield Variability & Tracking Crop Life Cycle!

AgTech science has evolved over many years with contributions from a wide range of disciplines. During this time period, appreciation for the acceptance of agricultural science has increased as more scientists, engineers, and economists are increasingly using modeling, analytical approaches, and information technology tools for Smart Farming activities to increase the quantity and quality of produce while optimizing the Soil, Water and Human Labor required.

Pre-defined Crop Life Cycle helps AgTech Decision-Making to predict and manage these crops, and Cotton is one of them. Based on species, there are many varieties in the market for cropping methods.

There are many crop models derived for management of the Cotton crop life cycle. This includes managing, tracking, controlling and resolving issues of prominent stages of the Cotton crop. Being an important notified cash crop in India, many farmers opt to cultivate Cotton. For Cotton, relationship between location intelligence, biophysical and crop management parameters etc. are used to predict yield variability.

    CropY aims to...
  • Improve on-farm Production Performance & Business Continuity
  • Demonstrate Sustainable Predictive Analysis for Farming Activities
  • Sync with the aims of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare initiatives, and further support the tools, advisories, guidelines, initiatives and schemes released to ease and enhance Agriculture productivity.
  • Help to adopt Best Management Practices for Soil and Water conservation.

CropY is an innovative solution to club most of the proven and available Yield Prediction and Enhancement models & methods, mapped with standard Cotton crop stages, with recommendations to increase per hectare productivity index. Extreamly helpful for Tracking Crop Stages, Resource Management, Stage-wise Yield Analysis and Timely Recommendations for all the stakeholders.

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Elastic IT infrastructure on demand!

We invite you, to empower your IT infrastructure with iDClouds! Capitalize on new opportunities, by adopting secure managed hybrid IT Infrastructure & Services.

iDClouds is Smart Cloud Solution for Quick Application Deployment, across IT infrastructure with a suite of add-on services like Pre-packaged Virtual Instances, Developer Productivity Tools, Web Services, Advanced Technology SaaS Offerings and Data Management Services at an unbelievable Price to Performance. It is designed for robust sizing options and support for workloads.


Efficient pool of compute and storage resources that enable you to balance performance and cost. Manage IT infrastructure resources as per your business needs.


Scale up and scale down workloads on demand. Access to unlimited infrastructure resources, Managed Kubernetes offers to deploy your workloads to global locations on single-click.


Access to DevOps ready environments and templates that allows developers' productivity metering and monitoring. Customizable cloud stack to suit your specific requirements.

Simple & Secure

Highly secure deployments with physical & logical isolation of workloads. Seamless automation & integration of services and modules, with Simplified model-based approach.


About Us

XNetBIZ Solutions Pvt Ltd is recognized as a Startup (DIPP131991) values-driven organization. Our vision is constantly evolving to adapt to the challenges of today and tomorrow, and are committed to quick course of actions. Our goal is to serve global industries, while continuing to develop large social impact. Our approach is to adopt innovations and strong commitment to current socio-environmental issues and changing needs of clients. Client trust and satisfaction are very important to us, and we strives to bring value to all the projects.

We put strategies into practice, we have clear concepts for generating competitive advantage on the basis of measurable results. We think and act pragmatically and always focus on people out of principle. This is because success comes from working together with technology and how it is implemented. Collaboratively we can reach aims, if we put more effort for necessary changes in everyone involved.

Our research practices, team and developers are competent to build solutions that cater to diverse needs. We are never afraid of challenges and are ever ready to offer end-to-end technology solutions.

CropY Research Association (CyRA)

Be a part of technology driven agriculture research network to test and commercialize concepts and products. XNetBIZ undertake Agricultural Technology Critical Data generation for the companies, who are looking to introduce their products for large-scale and real-life performance testing, on-field trials with CyRA members. Get access to CyRA members feedback and commertial opportunities with XNetBIZ.

We push innovations in AgTech Data collection, validation, processing and visualization to make it more meaningful. If you are interested in working with CyRA team and making a positive impact, please connect with us.


XNetBIZ is a small, nimble team that takes pride in doing our best work in a calm work environment. If that sounds like a team you can see yourself being a part of, read on. We believe small teams have an inherent advantage. A small team promotes ownership, agility, autonomy and a need for working smart. You won’t find much red tape here either, as we trust everyone to take ownership and make decisions in the best interest of the team.

  • Locations: Pune

    Experience: 3-5 Years

    Job Description:

    Develop good user interfaces for GIS Web applications with the latest Front End Technologies.
    Working experience and knowledge of Agile Based development methodology like SCRUM.
    Writing extensive unit tests using automated TDD tasks
    System and Integration Testing of enhancements.
    Produce and deliver Training materials
    Establish and maintain good working relationships within organization, with its Clients and other stakeholders.
    GIS development experiences including ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Portal, GeoServer (Desirable).
    Extensive coding experience in Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS (3+ years).
    Experience in JavaScript build tools like grunt or gulp.
    Expert in modern JavaScript MVVM/MVC frameworks.
    Good understanding of AJAX and JavaScript Dom manipulation Techniques.
    Hand on and implements complex AngularJS applications, directives, controllers, services.
    Experience with RESTful services.
    Proven ability and experience in the use of geospatial services like Map Services, Feature Services, Geo Processing services and Geo Coding Services.
    Proven ability in technical writing with ability to develop and maintain user guides and training material.
    Demonstrated experience working independently and as a member of a team.

    Send your CV to with your elevator pitch for this post.

  • Location: Pune

    Job description: You will be a part of team for building GUI for the GCS for the UAVs. Creating software architecture based on system requirements.

    Desired Skills

    C++, Python, JS
    Qt, QML
    Cross Platform Software Development (Linux/Windows)
    GUI Development
    Cloud Development and application security

    We expect you to be

    An awesome coder & have experience in software development
    Experienced working with algorithms & having ability to work across platforms (windows/Linux) & languages
    Experienced in Cloud development/GUI application development
    Good knowledge of computer networking

    Send your CV to with your elevator pitch for this post.

  • Location: Pune

    Job description: You will be a part of Research & Development team for building innovative products or solutions.

    Desired Characteristics

    You are passionate about the problem you will be solving.
    Curious, adaptable and want to grow...
    Listen to the data and challenge your own world view
    Gain the confidence of sponsors or investors, through transparency
    Resolve unending stream of obstacles throughout the journey.
    Good writing and presentation/demonstration skills

    Incubation features

    Fitness program to help intrapreneurs assess strengths and needs
    Access to advisors, mentors, and subject matter experts to fill gaps in the early stages
    Access to training to fill both hard and soft skill gaps
    Guidance to build minimum viable product or solutions.

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  • Location: Pune


    At least 4+ years of development experience in PHP.
    Hands-on experience of best practices in System Design using OOAD and Design Patterns.
    At least 2-years experience using the MVC pattern, along with knowledge of either VII, Yll2, Code Igniter framework in PHP .
    Good grip on web technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, etc.
    Hands-on experience with Relational Databases, Database Design, Database Normalization, Database Optimization.
    Practical knowledge of Database Engines and their tradeoffs.
    Good understanding of Mango DB, MYSQL & PostgrSQL.
    Good knowledge of the experience of REST, SOAP, XML-RPC in PHP.
    Basic knowledge of networking and related commands.
    Working knowledge of Linux Platforms.
    Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
    Able to work independently on the project from the start till completion.
    Good understanding of CI-CD process.
    Good understanding of the DevOps tools Jenkins, GitHub, GitLab and selenium.

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